Semco Review

So, after some time working with this product I’m able to now say it’s great! First the sheer ease of application makes it a dream. No sanding, no stripping, nothing. Simply wipe it on with a rag.

Now, we’ve made use of two of the Semco products…the Clear or Natural and the Honey tone. As you can see below, I’ve redone the toe rails with the Honey tone to bring up the honey color of the teak. The rails appear to be a harder teak and, as such, didn’t honey up as well as the cockpit seats using the Clear/Natural. The Honey tone made them look perfect!

Toe rails with Honey tone Semco

When we take the boat south, I’ll be able to give a comparison once we are in a saltier environment but I can say, in the Lakes, this product is fantastic. Oh, there is one other color it comes in called Classic Brown but I’ve not seen it in use anywhere yet.

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