Our first destination sail is in the books!

Well we completed our first destination sail. We made the run from Kenosha to Port Washington. We took along a few friends from our sailing club, the Northwest Sailing Association (NWSA). 3 boats made the trip and I think everyone had a good time. Of course, no trip is without its mishaps and issues…for instance, we lost air conditioning so we all sweated our buns off all weekend. The upside is everyone lost about 10 lbs HAHA. One of the other boats had a stuck furler mainsail. Somehow the sail managed to get itself folded near the top of the sail. 4 guys and 5 hours later we got it unstuck and back up.

As for the air conditioner, I knew it was an airlock but for the life of me I could not find the bleeder valve. At first I thought it was a bad pump but that turned out to be a dead end. I finally found it under a galley cabinet and 30 seconds later, voila! Air conditioning! My apologies to Bill, Peggy and Casey. I wish I had found it two days ago (pffft). The good thing is that I now know were the stupid thing is!

I know Candy and I learned a lot on this trip. Since there wasn’t a breath of wind the whole time, we motored up and back. The breeze was quite nice while we were in port of course!

Bottom line, a really fun weekend with good folks. Good food and Port Washington is a lovely little town. The marina is very nice with plenty to do within walking distance…including the beach.Port Washington

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